Single Student - Boss Club Entrepreneurship Curriculum

*This purchase includes a 6-month license for a single student and instructor.  Within 1-2 business days after purchase you will receive a welcome email with access to the curriculum and the Boss Club e-learning platform.

Launching the Boss Club entrepreneurship elective course is a cross-curricular, project-based learning method to practically instill the fundamentals of work ethic, financial stewardship, people skills, and business basics. 

Over the course of a semester (or at the students own pace), students will design and launch a small business. Students and teachers will be given the resources to understand the basics of product design, pricing, marketing and sales, financial reporting, and community stewardship and actually implement these concepts on the business they have created.


- Online and ready for the virtual classroom and accessible from desktop and mobile devices or print physical copies.

- Online discussion options allowing your students to connect with other students taking the same course across the world.  Post questions and receive teacher led responses.

- Teacher and student versions provided

- Standard and Faith-based options available

- Extensive written curriculum, videos, worksheets, grading rubrics and a host of other teacher resources.

- Dedicated support for teachers from Boss Club staff (from dedicated Account Rep)

- Incorporates Bloom’s taxonomy for learning with critical questions outlined in each module to encourage deeper thought and greater student engagement

Course Format

The curriculum is designed as a semester course lasting 15 weeks and is broken into six core modules that are then broken into weekly timeframes. Each module and each week has a teacher and student guide that provides ample background and explanation of the lessons being taught, activity assignments and worksheets, video resources, and context for why this step is important in the entrepreneurial process.

The modules are:

- Module 1: Intro to Entrepreneurship and Selecting a Business

- Module 2: Designing Your Business

- Module 3: Launching Your Business

Module 4: Tracking for Your Business

Module 5: Marketing and Sales

- Module 6: Profit, Taxes, and Giving Back (co-written with a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney)

Standard and Faith-Based Versions Available

Our faith-based version builds on the Standard curriculum by providing biblical lessons and scriptural references that reinforce what God has to say about the lessons taught in each module and gives students a practical biblical view of how you can use business to build God’s Kingdom.

Few courses naturally integrate Biblical teachings in a relevant way that can be immediately applied. God has much to say about all of the activities involved in entrepreneurship that can also be applied to any other pursuit. Each week of each module includes important scriptural application designed to create and equip future Christian leaders regardless of their ultimate career path.