Success Stories + Raving Reviews

@Kate.Brohaha's Review

We recently received @bossclubco’s Homemade Dog Treat Business Box, and Hayden absolutely loved all the aspects of it: making the treats herself, picking her business name, putting the bags together, advertising, and selling her treats to our friends and family with doggies! 🐶

@ChasingTheFlores' Review

The girls were so excited to receive their @bossclubco box this weekend. I have to say the concept of this is genius! It teaches kids how to become entrepreneurs at a young age and build their own business. The box consists of all the tools needed to make dog treats and sell them for a profit.

My girls named their own company and are now so excited to make all the dog treats to start selling them. This teaches them the concept of working for a goal. It gives them the opportunity to interact with local dogs which in turn gets me off the hook on having to buy them one!!

@MommyNeedsCookies' Review

Boss Club is so well thought out and written. I was very impressed with the curriculum. I really think it alone is worth the price of the box. Learning how to run a business can have a deep impact on your child’s future, even if they don’t become entrepreneurs when they grow up. 

The box contains everything a kid would need to start their own business. Really, the only thing they don’t include is the customers!

@ThisMamaReviews' Review

Overall, in this day and age of way too much screen-time, it’s great to see a product like this that focuses on the hands-on way of teaching kids important skills that are not necessarily taught in schools. 

If your teenager or kid has an entrepreneurial spirit, then this is the kit you need! Boss Club makes the kits fun, engaging, & educational.