Class Highlight Video & Press Release

Boss Club wants to help share all the amazing stories and outcomes your students are creating with your school and your city. To do that, we will create a press release and custom highlight video for your class at the end of the course.

Below is an example of a highlight video and press releasefrom a previous term to give you an idea of how we will be using all the information and videos that you provide us.

Press Release Example

Click the red button below to view a complete example of what a press release for the class will look like. Hopefully this will provide context for all of the information we are collecting from you and how it will be packaged up for various press sources in your city to receive.

What We Need From You

We encourage you and your students to begin documenting their entrepreneurial journeys now through photos and videos. All materials will need to be uploaded to your school's shared Drive folder and can be added throughout the course.  This content will be valuable for students to have as they make their pitch videos at the end of the term as part of their final project (if they are in ENT 101) and for the National Pitch Video Competition.

To make the highlight video and press release more personalized and engaging, we will collect a few key pieces of content towards the end of the semester:

1) Teacher Video Quote: A single 15-20 second video quote from you, the teacher, talking about what students do in the course, what they learn, and the incredible outcomes. We’ll send you your individual google drive shared folder link where you can upload the video file.

2) Student Pitch Videos:Students will create 3 minute pitch videos as the final project in their class (for ENT 101 students) and/or to enter the National Pitch Competition.We’ll send you your individual shared google drive folder link where you can upload these videos so we can include elements of them in the highlight video.

3) School Information Form: Finally, we will need a few quick stats and some information about your school to complete the video and press release.  Simply fill out the form below to complete this step.

If you have any questions please email


Please double check all of your entries. Once you submit the form, changes cannot be made.