Do you have students interested in entrepreneurship,
but aren't sure how to help them pursue it?

We make it turn-key to teach a semester or full year of entrepreneurship, and you don't need any business background in order to teach the course.

There's never been a more important time to teach entrepreneurship, and we make it easier than ever to do so.

Boss Club: A Trusted Name in Entrepreneurship

Taught in 300+ Schools

Our entrepreneurship curriculum is taught in over 300 schools across the United States, and we've helped thousands of students successfully start their first business.

We make it turn-key to start teaching entrepreneurship within a homeschool classroom, and you don't need any business background in order to instruct the course.

Endorsed by Baylor University

"Boss Club is quickly becoming the gold standard in entrepreneurship education for primary and secondary schools.  For students interested in immediately starting their own business, or in continuing their entrepreneurship education in college, the Boss Club curriculum provides them the mindset and toolkit to greatly increase their odds of success."

Dr. Kendall Artz, Director, Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Baylor University

Our Entrepreneurship Courses for Homeschool:

Entrepreneurship 101

One semester course for middle and high school that helps students design, launch, and run their own small business. Entrepreneurship is uniquely cross-curricular and your students will utilize so much of what they are learning in other subjects!

Entrepreneurship 201

One semester course for middle and high school students that helps students grow the business they already started and take things to the next level. Combined with ENT 101, this can be a robust year-long entrepreneurship program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are buying an individual family license, you will be sent an email directly after purchasing that will include login instructions to our platform. If you are purchasing a co-op license, you will still be emailed your first login and then we will reach out to you to get the emails of other teachers/students that need logins, too. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.

ENT 101 and 201 are designed to go together as a full-year entrepreneurship course, however ENT 101 can be offered as a standalone course.

Nope! The foundational lessons of each week are pre-recorded videos that we have made walking the entrepreneurs through steps A-Z of starting their own business. If you have extra experience to share, then all the better! But it's definitely not required.

If you are using both ENT 101 and ENT 201, it still lasts a full school year and so it can easily be adjusted for trimesters. If you are only offering ENT 101, the course can be shortened accordingly and you will be billed on a prorated basis.

Both courses have pre-recorded videos that serve as the foundational entrepreneurship instruction, and the rest of class time is spent with the students implementing the lessons directly in their businesses. Teachers also have a host of additional resources like supplemental videos, class discussion prompts, activities, and more, to formulate class time.

Yes, we have lesson plans for both courses, and we have different versions based on if your class meets one day per week all of the way up to five times per week. Grading rubrics, quizzes, and tests, are also incorporated into the lesson plans and you can always customize this to your needs and preferences.

The high school version of ENT 101 and ENT 201 is able to go into more depth in certain topics, and in many instances teaches college-level material. Both middle and high school courses progress through similar content and the same goal, but certain lectures may be taught differently or not appear in the middle school version to cater to their learning level. For more information, contact us or look at our course syllabi.

We meet most if not all of many state and accreditation requirements for teaching entrepreneurship. If you have a specific set of requirements, send them to us and we can do a cross-walk for you and show you how our course compares.