Less Guessing, More Learning

We've spent hours and hours distilling the basics of starting a business into a step-by-step guide. And it's included in each box! We carefully made sure that it provides enough structure to keep kids engaged, and enough freedom to let creativity flourish.

Section 1: Create Your Product

The curriculum is split into three main sections.

The first explains how to create the product in that box, such as homemade dog treats, luxury bath bombs, or gourmet cake pops. Instructions are included on how to name your company and assemble your packaging so that you are ready to sell!

Section 2: Launch and Grow Your Business

The second section is the most comprehensive and covers how to price your product, how to determine your costs and profit margin, how to market your business in seven different ways including using the provided advertising flyers in each box, and a journal template for keeping track of customers. 

Section 3: Growth and Giving Back

This section covers how to write to your customers using the provided "thank you" notes, how to find new customers with five more actionable marketing ideas, and how to consider giving back to the community with some of your profits. 

At this point your child can forever be classified as an entrepreneur!

Suggested Age Ranges

Boss Club is perfect for students ages 7-14. While we have broken out some of the curriculum (like pricing) into easy, medium, and expert difficulties, here is a breakdown of how much parental involvement you can expect to have depending on your child's age:

Ages 7 and younger: Steady level of adult support needed to complete the curriculum.

Ages 8-10: Moderate to low amount of adult support needed to complete the curriculum.

Ages 11+: Nearly or fully autonomous in completing the curriculum.

Ages 15+: Consider instead a single license of our school curriculum where we walk through every step of creating, launching, and growing your own business idea!

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Book!

Homeschool Credit

The Boss Club curriculum and entrepreneurial experience can count as homeschool credit for extra-curricular activities (and your child can make some money in the process!). What other learning activity can say the same?

Our Daring Refund Policy

We have spent a lot of time building a curriculum for your children to learn about business, and are super confident you'll find it really valuable. But if for any reason you don't like Boss Club, get a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Who else does that?