Semester-Length Curriculum

Launching the Boss Club entrepreneurship elective course is a cross-curricular, project-based learning method to practically instill the fundamentals of work ethic, financial stewardship, people skills, and business basics, all from a Biblical worldview.

Over the course of a semester, students will design and launch a small business. Students and teachers will be given the resources to understand the basics of product design, pricing, marketing and sales, financial reporting, and community stewardship, and actually implement these concepts on the business they have created.

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Entrepreneurship is a unique teaching vehicle that incorporates cross-curricular skills like math, language arts, public speaking, creative arts, critical thinking, and so much more. It is an extremely practical way to learn and apply Biblical teachings even at a young age. 

Students that start businesses also sharpen the rest of their skills in the process, which makes them a more holistic individual, regardless of their ultimate career choice. They can apply the same grit of entrepreneurship to any other challenge or life pursuit.   

In addition Boss Club Curriculum teaches:

- Initiative and self-reliance
- Flexibility and adaptability
- Communication and collaboration
- Creativity and innovation
- Critical thinking and problem solving
- Future orientation
- Opportunity recognition
- A greater comfort with ambiguity and risk


- Online and ready for the virtual classroom (accessible by desktop and mobile devices)

- Teacher and student versions provided

- Extensive written curriculum, videos, worksheets, grading rubrics and a host of other teacher resources

- Dedicated support for teachers from Boss Club staff (from dedicated Account Rep)

- Weekly Biblical references and spiritual application questions for each lesson 

- Incorporates Bloom’s taxonomy for learning with critical questions outlined in each module to encourage deeper thought and greater student engagement

Course Format

The curriculum is designed as a semester course lasting 15 weeks (can be modified to various semester lengths) and is broken into six core modules that are then broken into weekly timeframes. Each module and each week has a teacher and student guide that provides ample background and explanation of the lessons being taught, activity assignments and worksheets, video resources, spiritual application, and context for why this step is important in the entrepreneurial process.

The modules are:

Module 1: Intro to Entrepreneurship and Selecting a Business

Module 2: Designing Your Business

Module 3: Launching Your Business

Module 4: Tracking for Your Business

Module 5: Marketing and Sales

Module 6: Profit, Taxes, and Giving Back (co-written with a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney)

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Endorsed by Leading Business Educators

"Boss Club is quickly becoming the gold standard in entrepreneurship education for primary and secondary schools.  For students interested in immediately starting their own business, or in continuing their entrepreneurship education in college, the Boss Club curriculum provides them the mindset and toolkit to greatly increase their odds of success."

Dr. Kendall Artz, Director, Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Baylor University

Created at the Collegiate Level

The Boss Club curriculum actually started as a college-level course at a nationally ranked entrepreneurship program where students would start real businesses over the course of the semester. The founder of that course then co-founded Boss Club to start entrepreneurial education at a much younger age.

The same proven business education that was taught at the collegiate level has been incorporated at the middle and high school level in the Boss Club curriculum. You can choose Boss Club with confidence knowing it comes from an already proven teaching methodology!

Curriculum Pricing Options​​​​​​​

The curriculum is accessed via an online portal. Licenses to this portal last the duration of one ~15 week semester and are priced as follows: $500/semester for schools with course enrollment of up to 15 students, and $750/semester for schools with course enrollment of 16 or more.

Pricing includes: Six modules of written curriculum for both teacher and students that guide the entire entrepreneurial process, including over 20 accompanying videos and 50 pages of applicable worksheets, supplemental materials, and grading rubrics to provide framework and structure. Dedicated support from Boss Club will be provided throughout the semester.*

*Both pricing tiers include the same curriculum and are based upon the number of students enrolled per school (middle and high schools are treated as two separate schools). All teachers and faculty will be available to email Boss Club for reasonable educational support and clarification to the curriculum itself (it is not meant to provide coaching for individual student situations, i.e. business consultations). Curriculum is charged on an upfront basis on a semester-by-semester basis. A 10% discount will be applied to annual subscriptions.

Curriculum FAQs

Are there long-term contracts?

We offer 6-month licenses through our website and can offer longer-term licenses upon request for your home, public, or private school.  There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel at any time.

Can I see a course syllabus?
Absolutely! Download our overview by clicking the link below. 

Throughout the semester if I have questions, who can I talk to?

Absolutely! You can email us at or give us a ring at 214-702-6060.  Or if you have been assigned a dedicated account representative, please feel free to reach out to them directly.  We are here to help and to ensure you have a successful semester.

What is the age range for the curriculum?

We offer middle school (recommended for ages 11-13) and high school (recommended for ages 14-18) versions of our curriculum.

Does the curriculum include Boss Club Business Kits?

Boss Club School Curriculum products do not include Business Kits.  Business Kits are design for at-home use and are a much more structured learning experience for younger audiences where businesses are already defined, and we include all the ingredients, packaging, and marketing materials in the box.

Boss Club School Curriculum includes logins to our online learning platform, access to the curriculum, worksheets, grading rubrics, videos and more.  Our curriculum is designed to provide older students with the guidance they need to develop their own business idea and have the flexibility to use their own creativity to bring that idea to life while providing them all the resources they need to be successful.

Can I print the curriculum or worksheets to use in class?

Yes. Our curriculum is fully digital and accessible on any phone, tablet, or PC, but all of our content is also available for print.

Contact Us to Get Started

Simply fill out the form below to connect with a Boss Club representative.  We would love to discuss any questions you might have and talk about next steps to setup your school and your class.