Our Mission

Our mission at Boss Club is simple: Inspire confidence and ignite creativity in students through the pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a cross-curricular learning vehicle to build up responsible leaders equipped with work ethic, people skills, and financial literacy and stewardship. Our curriculum and business kits provide students with practical hands-on projects which demonstrate the real-world value of what they are learning. 

In Christian scholastic environments, Boss Club aims to build God’s kingdom through training students to view their life and career in light of God’s word and calling.  

Wholistic Education

Our curriculum and business kits provide students with practical hands-on projects that demonstrate the real-world value of what they are learning in school. 

Entrepreneurship uniquely teaches:

- Initiative and Self-Reliance: Entrepreneurs are self-starters that create opportunities for themselves

- Flexibility and Adaptability: Problem solving is at the core of running a business

- Communication and Collaboration: Public speaking skills enhance through talking to customers 

- Creativity and Innovation: Building a business requires the courage to create something and put it into the world

- Confidence and Courage:Fear of failure is something that business owners have to uniquely overcome

- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:Entrepreneurs get comfortable facing challenges and curveballs

- Future Orientation and Giving Back: Business owners can look past themselves and understand how their business can help the world

Boss Club Curriculum is Derived from University-Level Entrepreneurship

With many startups under his belt David Grubbs learned there is a recipe to starting businesses which enables businesses to be launched faster and with less risk. Those hard-learned lessons from nearly two decades were disseminated into a unique Entrepreneurship course Grubbs taught at Baylor University with Dr. Kendall Artz and Dr. Les Palich where 12 hand-selected students were given funding to start real businesses over the course of a semester. 

The program was a success and the core of Boss Club’s curriculum is based on all the principles taught in that college level course. 

Our Story

Charlie Gasmire and David Grubbs met at Baylor University in 2011 when David was teaching an innovative entrepreneurship class, Accelerated Ventures, which gave 12 hand-selected students funding to start their first business over the course of a single semester.  

Unlike most entrepreneurship education that simply reads books about business, Accelerated Ventures had students launching a real business within 60 days. Lessons taught throughout the semester were implemented and practiced in real time on their business and students learned by doing. Baylor University is consistently ranked one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the United States each year in no small part because of this project-based learning approach to business. 

Charlie and David aligned on their passion for entrepreneurship and went on to start several ventures together, even winning Baylor University’s 2013 New Venture Competition with a software company they co-founded that helped small businesses grow through selling more online. That company was acquired in 2015 which led them on separate paths until reuniting in 2018 to create Boss Club. They always agreed that entrepreneurship can and should be taught much earlier in a student’s life, as the lessons go much deeper than just business training. 

Entrepreneurship uniquely teaches the strong work ethic, determination, and creative problem solving that can be transferred into other life pursuits. And while entrepreneurship has received more attention through popular shows like "Shark Tank" and movies like "The Social Network", most entrepreneurial training is still happening through reading a book. 

So in 2018, modeling lessons learned teaching entrepreneurship at the collegiate level, as well as the business lesson and skills they learned through various successful ventures, Charlie and David launched Boss Club, a company focused on providing practical, hands-on entrepreneurial education for students across the country. 

The company first started with self-guided business kits as a way to make entrepreneurship extremely easy to pursue even from a young age. Not long after, a semester-long curriculum was launched and offered as elective courses in middle and high schools across the country. In 2019, a summer entrepreneurship program was piloted in Waco, Texas with 125 students participating and launching their first business. This summer initiative even led to an entire non-profit entity being launched, Boss Club Foundation, that offers practical entrepreneurship education to students at no cost, funded by individual and corporate sponsors. 

In less than two years, the company grew from ideation to helping nearly one thousand young people start businesses across the country and is growing quickly. The feedback on Boss Club from students, families, teachers, and school administrators has been tremendous as they have enough structure to get started with a business, but enough freedom to exercise their creativity.

The entrepreneurial spirit and success that Boss Club has helped students experience has been wonderful, but the more lasting impact the company loves witnessing is the newfound confidence and creativity that students have after launching their first business. That is a mission worth pursuing every day.

Meet the Team

Charlie Gasmire

Charlie fell in love with entrepreneurship at a very early age, running the quintessential lemonade stand on weekends and then graduating into starting a fairly lucrative (for 10 year old) shoe shining business. He has always been fascinated with the concept of taking a vision that only exists in your head and bringing it into reality for others to see. Charlie earned his BBA and MBA from Baylor University while building a software company, Vendevor, he co-founded with David Grubbs. Vendevor focused on helping small businesses grow by selling more online, an area Charlie greatly enjoyed by getting to work with hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs across the country. Winning 1st place in Baylor’s 2013 New Venture Competition, the company went on to raise nearly half a million dollars to focus on customer acquisition growth until it was eventually acquired in 2015. 

Charlie then followed a long time desire of his to work in Mergers and Acquisitions, working for two different home health and hospice companies over six years, acquiring dozens of companies. Most recently he was the Director of Development at Encompass Health (NYSE: EHC), completing 18 acquisitions in 35 months totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in both aggregate purchase price and added revenue to the organization. 

Between starting, growing, selling, and acquiring businesses, Charlie has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and being around other entrepreneurs. He believes God uses entrepreneurs and the lessons learned through entrepreneurship to change the world and bless those around us. Because of this, Charlie strongly feels that entrepreneurship can and should be taught at a much younger age.

So while completing healthcare acquisitions by day, he spent eighteen months of late nights, early mornings, and most weekends building Boss Club with Grubbs. In early 2020 he left a promising career in healthcare to pursue Boss Club full time in order to make a difference in young people’s lives by helping them learn the confidence and creativity uniquely forged through entrepreneurship. 

He and his wife, Corey, are members of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas and live in the Lake Highlands area near White Rock Lake. Charlie’s favorite hobby is flying (as a private pilot) and growing a portfolio of niche websites focused on content marketing. In only a matter of  months those sites have grown to tens of thousands of monthly views, including sites like AirplaneAcademy.com, a website and YouTube channel that promotes general aviation. 

David Grubbs

In 2004, David was wrapping up his freshman year at Baylor University and started his first business.  His parents told him they would give him money towards his MBA or his first business, and he immediately took the seed funding and ran with it. By college graduation however, the company was not yet large enough to support a full-time salary, so David moved in with his sister who was working on her Masters degree.  He slept on a Coleman air mattress for 9 months on the living room floor and went on the road pitching investors to raise a round of funding. The first 40 investors turned him down and he was down to just $300 in savings with the reality approaching he was going to have to go out and get a job. He firmly believed that God had a plan and he had to just keep going. After nearly 100 pitches, five investors came on board and provided the $250,000 in funding required to grow the business.  The same day the round of funding was closed, his air mattress popped, and he was able to get his own apartment and buy a real bed.

Fast forward to today and David has started over twenty businesses (several of those with Boss Club co-founder Charlie Gasmire).  In 2012 David and Charlie co-founded Vendevor, an ecommerce software business which successfully sold to Payscape in July of 2015. 

David’s recent successes include First Centurion Group which sold a variety of consumer goods from its own line of skin care products and work-out supplements and generated nearly $40 million in online sales and grew to over 50 employees and was one of the fastest growing start-ups in 2013. 

November 2019 David sold Pegasus Fulfillment, to Selery Fulfillment, a Mark Cuban backed company.  Pegasus Fulfillment was a company he built with his father Mike Grubbs, which handled inventory warehousing and online order fulfillment for over a dozen different ecommerce businesses including his own.

With many startups under his belt David has learned there is a recipe to starting businesses which enables businesses to be launched faster and with less risk.  Those hard-learned lessons from nearly two decades were disseminated into a unique Entrepreneurship course he taught at Baylor University with Dr. Kendall Artz and Dr. Les Palich where 12 hand selected students were given funding to start real businesses over the course of a semester.  The program was a success and the core of Boss Club’s curriculum is based on all the principles taught in that college level course. 

In his free time David loves flying (as a private pilot), riding horses, scuba diving, reading, learning Spanish, and participating in his church.  David lives in a small rural town in Costa Rica and is married to his wife of four years, Daniella, who runs her own not-for-profit equine therapy center to help people with disabilities.  Their first son, Sam, was born in 2020.

Hollie Dolf

Hollie is a Texas native, travel enthusiast, and history buff. After graduating from the University of North Texas, she spent seven years teaching 6th grade Contemporary World Cultures. This experience allowed her to combine her love of history, teaching, and travel. During her seventh year of teaching, Hollie and her husband Jason found out they were having twins. It was at this point that Hollie resigned to fulfill her life-long dream of being a stay-at-home mom to her three children.

After six joyful (and somewhat sleepless) years, Hollie made the decision to get back into the workforce and started Sage Travel Company, a full-service travel agency. Launching her own company taught her the value of entrepreneurship and the importance of teaching entrepreneurial skills to the next generation. 

Hollie, Jason, and their three children live in Flower Mound, TX and are members of The Village Church. In her free time, Hollie enjoys spending time with her family, running, reading, and traveling whenever she can. Some of her favorite trips include road tripping through Nova Scotia, a mission trip to Mozambique with her entire family, and their annual summer vacation to visit her grandmother in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Boss Club Foundation

In 2019, Boss Club Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) public charity to make entrepreneurship accessible to any student regardless of their means or circumstance. Through the support of local community sponsors and donors, the foundation runs summer entrepreneurship programs that are 100% free to all participants. The 2019 summer program pilot was a massive success with 125 students representing 36 schools across the greater Waco, Texas area.  In 2020 the program is expanding in Waco and launching in Dallas with nearly 900 students sponsored by incredible supporters.

Boss Club Foundation plans to expand regionally across Texas in 2021.

Boss Club Foundation - Current Partners and Sponsors

Summer programs are offered at no cost to students because of generous corporate sponsors, individual donors, and foundations. We are proud to work with such amazing partners!