Entrepreneurial Education Made Easy

There's never been a more important time to teach entrepreneurship, but it can be intimidating as a parent or teacher to know how to do it. We make it simple.

Our students don't just write a business plan or read about business. They actually start a real business of their own, and we make it easy!

11-18 Year Old Entrepreneurs

Self-Guided Course

Our Fast-Track Startup System contains over 100 videos walking you through steps A-Z of the business creation and launch process. We'll help you come up with, launch, and run your very own business idea and make real sales.

School Curriculum

Launch a one-semester elective or full-year entrepreneurship program in middle or high school using our ENT 101 and ENT 201 courses specifically designed for the classroom. Students come up with, launch, and run their own business! Used in over 200 schools today.

Homeschool Curriculum

One-semester of full-year entrepreneurship courses available for both individual families as well as co-ops. Students come up with, launch, and run their own business!

6-14 Year Old Entrepreneurs

Business Kits

Our business kits are the perfect entry point to entrepreneurship because they provide everything needed to start a predefined business in one powerful box.

Each kit includes a step by step guide book, pre-measured ingredients, packaging materials, and marketing materials to start a small business with $40-50 in sales. Tons of 5-star raving reviews make these kits the perfect gift!

Boss Club - A Trusted Name in Entrepreneurship

Taught in Over 200 Schools

Our entrepreneurship curriculum is taught in over 200 schools across the United States, and we've helped thousands of students successfully start their first business.

We make it turn-key to launch a one semester or year-long entrepreneurship offering at your school, and your teacher doesn't need any business background in order to instruct the course.

Endorsed by Baylor University

"Boss Club is quickly becoming the gold standard in entrepreneurship education for primary and secondary schools.  For students interested in immediately starting their own business, or in continuing their entrepreneurship education in college, the Boss Club curriculum provides them the mindset and toolkit to greatly increase their odds of success."

Dr. Kendall Artz, Director, Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Baylor University

We've Done What We're Teaching

Boss Club was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We've built successful companies of our own generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and now we're teaching the next generation exactly how to do it.

There's never been a more important time to teach entrepreneurship, and we make it easier than ever to do so! Take the quiz below to get started.