Entrepreneurial Education Built for the 21st Century

Project-based learning is the future of education. Instead of just reading about entrepreneurship, we help students actually start a business so they can immediately apply the cross-curricular skills they are learning in real time.

We make it easier than ever for students to ignite their confidence and creativity through entrepreneurship! 

Two Great Options for a Wide Age Range:

Self-Guided Business Kits (Ages 7-14)

Our business kits are the perfect entry point to entrepreneurship because they provide everything needed to start a predefined business in one powerful box.

Each kit includes a step by step guide book, pre-measured ingredients, packaging materials, and marketing materials to start a small business with $40-50 in sales. Tons of 5-star raving reviews make these kits the perfect gift!

Middle and High School Entrepreneurship Curriculum (Ages 11-18)

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate cross-curricular learning vehicle, and we’ve made it easy to establish a dedicated course at your public or private school, or homeschool community.

We make it turn-key to launch a one semester or year-long entrepreneurship offering, and your teacher doesn’t need any business background in order to instruct the course.

Complete with step-by-step text and video curriculum, assignments, and grading rubrics, this course gives you all the structured resources you need to launch an entrepreneurship program in your school. Standard and faith-based versions available for both middle and high school.

Three Reasons You'll Love Boss Club

Created at the Collegiate Level

The Boss Club curriculum actually started as a college-level course at a nationally ranked entrepreneurship program where students would start real businesses over the course of the semester. The founder of that course then co-founded Boss Club to start entrepreneurial education at a much younger age.

The same proven business education that was taught at the collegiate level has been incorporated at the middle and high school level in the Boss Club curriculum. You can choose Boss Club with confidence knowing it comes from an already proven teaching methodology!

Endorsed by Leading Business Educators

"Boss Club is quickly becoming the gold standard in entrepreneurship education for primary and secondary schools.  For students interested in immediately starting their own business, or in continuing their entrepreneurship education in college, the Boss Club curriculum provides them the mindset and toolkit to greatly increase their odds of success."

Dr. Kendall Artz, Director, Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Baylor University

Entrepreneurial Education: A Game-Changer

Entrepreneurship is a unique teaching vehicle that incorporates cross-curricular skills like math, public speaking, creative arts, and critical thinking. Students that start businesses can apply the problem solving and grit they learn through entrepreneurship to any other life pursuit, regardless of their ultimate career choice.

Through Entrepreneurial Education, Students Learn:

Initiative and Self-Reliance

Entrepreneurs are self-starters that create opportunities for themselves.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Problem solving is at the core of running a business.

Communication and Collaboration

Public speaking skills are enhanced through talking to customers.

Creativity and Innovation

Building a business requires the courage to create something and put it into the world.

Confidence and Courage

Fear of failure is something that business owners have to uniquely overcome.

Creative Problem Solving

Entrepreneurs get comfortable facing challenges and curveballs.

Future Orientation and Giving Back

Business owners can look past themselves and understand how their business can help others.